New President Chase Thacker discussed how & when we might be able to resume onsite meetings, possibly outside for “distancing”. He discussed the members’ survey of preferences for future Club activities. The survey on meeting preferences asked: If required to wear a mask or to have temperature taken; meeting outdoors; effectiveness of our Zoom meetings; continuing bimonthly Zoom meetings. In these trying times, we will invent our future by working together.
Club projects:
  • Camp Pendleton – Warriors’ Warehouse (Chase is available to pick up donations; details on Club website Calendar). Donation drop-off no later than Sun, July 19. List of items: Diapers, children’s clothing up to age 6, baby items, basic household items.
  • WaPI Project (Water Pasteurization Indicator), making reusable thermometer-size devices to indicate when heated water is hot enough to be purified (150°F/65°C) without wasting fuel (International Project).
  • Face Shield project (protecting essential health care workers caring for sick patients).
  • Rise Against Hunger: Goal $500 by Nov 14.
  • Costa Rica Humanitarian Project: Goal $1000, or cosponsoring a project with one or more other Clubs (District 5280 Humanitarian Trip to Costa Rica, Apr 17-26, 2021).
  • Project EGO has lost its annual funding due to death of major donor; Robert Babb suggested that we sponsor a “GoFundMe” page (which would not be tax-deductible). Need is $10,000 annual operating cost, or $22,000 annual cost with student grants. Fundraiser idea: Saturday Night Online Poker has been suggested.
Treasurer Charley Ferraro reminds us to taking advantage of the tax deduction offered by the Club by accepting donations to the Charities Account in lieu of Club dues.