Victoria Perez attended the Port of LA High School, where she was Yearbook Editor and Sailing Team Captain. She attended Marymount California University majoring in Business & Global Studies and joined the Rotaract Club there, becoming its President. Her big leadership year was 2015-16 as the District 5280 Rotaract Representative, and Student Government President responsible for managing the budget, running meetings, managing campus events and overseeing student organizations. Her Rotaract Club was the Outstanding Club on Campus and was recognized in District 5280 for its outstanding successful projects.

Victoria’s first job was at age 16 as Assistant Events Coordinator for vendors providing gifts to celebrities for marketing purposes. She worked for Bon Appétit Management Company, catering at Terranea Resort. She is now Project Manager at Leap & Bound Academy (, managing customer service, events, teacher training activities, holidays, and summer programs.

Victoria’s hobbies include design, card making and candy making. She was exposed to Rotary in high school by receiving a scholarship from the San Pedro Rotary Club, and values the leadership experiences, serving others, and networking with interesting people.