We had 14 online attendees for our April 28 “Zoom” meeting (including 3 welcome Guests:  Makiko Nakasone (Little Tokyo Club); Warren Bobrow (Westchester Club), District Rotary Youth Exchange, & Samantha Steman, tonight’s speaker.
Samantha Steman is a Senior at PV High School and is participating in the Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE). (Her father was her Rotarian contact.) She discussed the application process, requiring a $500 deposit. They start their year abroad in August with a tour of the host country to become acclimated, stay with an average of 3 host families during the year, near the school to be attended, and end the following summer. (This year is more difficult and unpredictable due to the COVID-19 pandemic.) Students participate in family and school activities and sports, and make many new friends, quickly becoming fluent in the language.
Rotary International requires specified youth protection precautions for students.  The students arrange their own airfare and personal expenses. Youth Exchange students are sponsored by a Rotary Club in their own country, which is responsible for providing a jacket, pins and banners. The student needs to know Rotary by being involved in Club activities before leaving. 
Warren Bobrow of the Westchester Rotary Club has been involved in RYE for many years. He encourages Rotarians to recruit suitable outgoing exchange students, to have Clubs sponsor incoming exchange students, and to recruit hosting families.