Malin Rigby’s art has been featured at the Palos Verdes Library, and she has hosted Paint & Wine nights at the Malaga Cove library. She was born in Sweden, studied graphic design in high school, and graduated with a BA in Computer Graphics from CSU San Jose. She uses her artistic skills creating websites for e-commerce and Amazon storefronts, as well as teaching painting. Her Swedish background promotes a clean and minimalistic design style.
In Malin’s words: “Let me tell you what kind of art I create. I love to paint! I also love to teach art, host art parties, create digital art, so basically All Things Art! I create what represents happiness and emotions in my life, places I have been, feelings I have felt and objects I have connected with. Lively colors and subtle messages are always in focus when I create. There is no stronger inspiration than life itself and as an artist I live for the hours spent in my studio; it’s my sanity, sanctuary and passion.”
Our Zoom Club meeting was preceded by delivery of a paint kit of canvas, paints, brushes, and a bottle of wine (thanks and appreciation to President Chase Thacker for delivery services!). Malin began her presentation by showing her painting of a curling surf wave, and then began creating a new copy for us, which we each tried to duplicate as she demonstrated the brush strokes and proper paint mixing and blending to provide perspective. Our Zoom kaleidoscope showed our canvas imitations (no wine spills were observed). Posterity will determine whether Malin has any future new artist competition.