Gene spoke on the business applications of scientific genetic advances, which he believes will advance greatly in the next 10 years, using genetic tests and family health history to guide clinical and public health interventions. He reviewed the structure & function of genes and chromosomes, and how information there is transferred to the cell’s molecular machinery. Genes are templates for making proteins for cellular structure, function, regulation, and energy production.
Many new tools have been developed in the last 10 years for new therapies with stem cells & nano-bots (microscopic robots that can be programmed), for repair of injuries, identifying and fighting cancer cells, anti-aging treatments, and gene therapies (excising & replacing an unwanted form of a gene).
He presented examples of potential applications: Treating muscular dystrophy, new farming techniques, and mass-producing plant-based meat (some of these products are already coming to market). He predicts a limitless future of un-dreamed-of advances as these technologies continue to progress.