Yuko Saito-Rodriguez is a Past-President of the South Bay Sunrise Rotary Club. She is a Land Investment Advisor and Sales Director of Velur Enterprises in Van Nuys, and spoke of the investment opportunities related to new technologies.
Major fossil fuels companies are now diversifying and moving into alternative renewable energy. The former Saudi Oil Minister is investing in alternative energy: “The Stone Age came to an end not for lack of stones, and the Oil Age will come to an end not for lack of oil.” Saudi Arabia is planning a major investment in alternative energy and is planning for a world beyond oil. The fastest growing jobs in the United States today are Solar Panel Technician and Wind Turbine Technician.
This is a natural evolution. The US is a technology leader and has great economic opportunities. Southern California is the 5th largest economy in the world and the biggest economic powerhouse in the United States, with technology companies & international trade. The Inland Empire area has a large area of land that is being bought or leased to use for energy production, especially solar farms. All-electric cars are increasing market-share. The Clean Power Alliance (CPA, https://cleanpoweralliance.org/) offers customers in some communities of Los Angeles & Ventura Counties the option of buying some of their electric energy and capacity from renewable-source generators and suppliers. CPA is buying a 400 Megawatt-Hour lithium battery storage facility in Lancaster, which will help enable the closure of some gas-fired power plants.
Yuko showed past & present maps of land in Southern California illustrating the increase in area of solar projects there. Well-researched Land in Southern California now offers average individuals the opportunity to amass investment wealth by buying land for lease. For information, her email address is yukosland@gmail.com. (“Buy land; they’re not making it anymore.” -- Mark Twain & Will Rogers.)