Posted by Wes
Ruslan Shkolnykh is a member of the San Pedro Rotary Club. He has developed a non-profit organization, the Power Level Foundation, to help prepare underserved students for careers in technology through “Gamification”.
The new technological revolution, that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to access “big data” and better hardware-processing capabilities, may cost 25M jobs (compared to 8.7M in the “Great Recession”), with some occupations becoming much more impacted than others.
He believes that the solution is to provide free Gamified IT training to help transition at-risk workers and students, providing them with paid work experience and accelerated career paths. Gamification applies the elements of game-playing (like scoring points, competing, and playing by the rules) to other areas of activity, in this case, helping workers to adapt to technological changes in the nature of blue- and white-collar jobs.
This is different from students designing and creating their own games, or playing commercial video games. Experiencing enjoyable technology-based learning (enhancing their “Dopamine”, the brain signaling molecule for pleasure), can increase their motivation, discovery, rewards, status and benefits. The students make autonomous choices in their learning activities and enjoy ownership of their learning process. People learn best by doing, assisted by “Virtual and Augmented Reality”, with continuous curriculum optimization. This kind of learning will be needed for both supporting the economy and keeping these workers in the active work force.