Rosemary Humphries of Rancho Del Mar described her school’s mission of helping students in danger of not graduating high school, by providing a self-paced program. Her school’s Student of the Year is Dominique Russo, who transferred from PVPHS and has got-ten all A’s and B’s. She is an early graduate with 230 credits. She was awarded a $1000 scholarship check for further education.
Sarah Botkin introduced the Angi Ma Wong Interactor of the Year, Dylan Martins, who has been an outstanding leader in academic and school activities. He was awarded a scholar-ship check for $1000.
Sarah Botkin introduced the Marymount California University Rotaractor of the Year, Melissa Gutierrez. Her Rotaract Club has won campus and district awards for outstanding service projects. She was awarded a scholarship check for $1000.
Mrs Pollock, counselor at PVPHS, introduced her school’s Student of the Year, Ian Sun. He was awarded a scholarship check for $1000.
Congratulations to all of these outstanding students. We wish them academic success in their future careers. We think the hard-working teachers and counselors and our Club members who organized this event.