Posted by Wes Bradford on Jan 09, 2018
Our 2 student art contestants were Alexa Quigley and Hyun Kim, both of Palos Verdes High School. Alexa presented a sculpture representing “how we see ourselves”, describing how her hands mold the wet clay and relating the result to the 4-Way Test. Hyun presented a watercolor of a Korean woman in traditional dress and carrying a basket on her head, showing how people work hard in daily life. He is colorblind, but described how he chooses colors for his artwork in spite of his vision limitation.
The judging committee met to consider the artistic merits and relationship to the Rotary 4-Way Test of each art entry. 1st place was awarded to Alexa Quigley, who received a prize of $200, and 2nd place was awarded to Hyun Kim, who received a prize of $100. Alexa Quigley will be our Club’s sponsored entry into the District Pageant of the Arts contest at Loyola Marymount University on Saturday, March 10 (Sat). (If she cannot attend, Hyun Kim will be entered instead.)