(Sept 13, 2022)
Ihor Kukhlevskyy, DDS, has been a Member of the Rotary Club of Ratusha Lviv (Ukraine) since 2010, & cashier (Treasurer) of the Club since 2019. He has been in Dental Practice in Lviv, Ukraine, from 1997-2022. (He is now in the US.)
Lviv is a city in western Ukraine (a “doorway” to western Europe). Rotary has been in Ukraine since 1930, and the Lviv Club was founded in 1936. As of 2021, there were 1100 Rotarians in Ukraine with 66 Clubs, including 9 in Lviv & 8 in Kyiv.
His Club has 25 members and meets Mondays at 7 PM. Among their Rotary Matching and Global Grant projects were incubators for newborns, a portable ultrasound diagnostic system, beds for tuberculosis treatment, a minivan for a family-type orphanage, an operating microscope for a regional burn center, a cardiology hospital procedural lighting system, water supply for a school & small community, a laparoscope for gynecological procedures, and preserving the Lviv University Library collection. They have had 8 grants since 2010 with partners from 5 countries including the US, and helping an estimated 10,000 people.
Their latest project, with RC Edmonton (Canada), is equipment for the Lviv Blood Station in August 2022. Their next project is for a quick-freezing system for blood plasma in Lviv. It is amazing what dedicated Rotarians can accomplish in the midst of war. Their example is an inspiration for all of us!