Posted by Wes Bradford on May 23, 2017

Dinner was served, while award recipient Gabriel Lamas played his guitar and sang.

Robert Babb, MFT, introduced the 18 graduates and reviewed their progress and educational/career goals. Project EGO Chair John Turner presented checks from the PV Sunset Rotary Club, and PVPUSD Coordinator Kelly Baranick assisted.

Congratulations to the 18 graduates of the 2016-17 Project EGO Program, who received the following awards (totaling $26,500 from our Club) toward their educational and career goals:

$2000  Jenevieve Ghaly                                     $1250  Manal Gill

$2000  Christopher Vallejo                                 $1250  Austin Jacks

$2000  Rhiannon Prine                                      $1250  Gabriel Lamas

$2000  Muneeb Khan                                        $1250  Sally Ishizawa

$2000  Jeffrey Jimena                                       $1000  Kevin Dill

$1500  Joshua Sanchez                                     $1000  Maverick Marcellana

$1500  Natalia Moreno                                      $1000  Mia Martinez

$1500  Cameron Hosmer                                   $1000  Eric Hauschildt

$1500  Courtlyn Foster                                       

$1500  Brianna Garcia