Jefferson Graham is a photographer and host of the travel photography series “Photowalks with Jefferson Graham” (streaming on Tubi). He is a portrait photographer, video maker, and jazz guitarist. He covered consumer tech for USA TODAY, and has written and/or photographed for many publications. He is the author of nine books, including the recent “Video Nation, a DIY Guide to Planning, Shooting and Sharing great Video”. He has done photo works on Aaron Spelling and on “Sin City, Vegas: Live and In Person”.
Watch his Photo Walks on Los Angeles and Catalina on Tubi, the free TV streaming app: See many  of his photos on his website:
He presented numerous examples of his photography, to illustrate his tips for taking better smart phone photos:
  • Timing is everything (such as children running on a beach);
  • Magic hour: Mornings and evenings have the best light;
  • Keep moving to get the shot (take multiple pictures to choose the best angle);
  • Take portraits in shade (avoid tense facial squinting);
  • Shoot many photos (choose the best ones later);
  • Use every lens on your smart phone (wide & ultra-wide-angle, telephoto, etc);
  • Use Burst Mode to stop action (choose the best-timed photo later);
  • Long exposures (capture motion effects);
  • Develop photos with apps (black-and-white, color alterations, cropping);
  • Sunsets look better on smart phones;
  • Try shots in the rain! (unusual photo effects);
  • Try panoramic photos;
  • Try low and wide for unusual perspectives (close-up of auto near grill).