Marcelle Herrera is the Community Relations Officer of the Palos Verdes Estates Police Department, as well as a service officer. She supervises Neighborhood Watch, the Disaster District Program (DDP), and PVE-CARES Senior Program by conducting meetings, coordinate trainings, and being a resource of information to organizations and citizen’s groups
Neighborhood Watch encourages residents to increase awareness of the community's responsibility to help in crime awareness and prevention, by promptly reporting suspicious activities and situations. People in each neighborhood should become acquainted with each other, to improve emergency preparedness and help with any unexpected problems, such as medical, security, or other community related issues.
The Disaster District Program (DDP) provides disaster preparedness training and supports regional programs such as the Palos Verdes Peninsula Community Emergency Response Training (PVPCERT) which teaches disaster preparedness, response and recovery to residents. It has stockpiled emergency supplies for 6 designated areas of the city.
PVE-CARES helps senior residents of PVE to connect with police and the community with special events and senior registry. It includes community volunteers delivering groceries and doing other needed services for elderly residents, and COVID testing and flu vaccines. Volunteers have completed a thorough background check and passed the PVE Police Department-sponsored training. Community events include presentations of topics of interest, a Doctors’ Panel Talk, and a Senior Health & Wellness Fair.
Disaster Planning Tools and Guidelines are available to PVE Residents at Officer Herrera is available at or 310-378-4211.