PDG Lew Bertrand introduced Page Jones, whom he has known from many years ago. Page, influenced by his father par Nelly, love to ride motorcycles. In 1994, he was riding in Malibu when a car back into the road in front of him. He awoke in a hospital bed, with a roommate, Bill Richard of the Malibu Rotary Club, also recovering from injury in the next bed.
He underwent years of difficult Physical Therapy, 6 days a week, learning to walk, swallow, and speak again. He was able to get his driver's license back. He has now been married to his wife, Jamie, for 14 years, and has 2 young children.
He spoke to us for a few minutes, describing his experiences (helped by his friend Bill Richard). Eight 4-minute video clip was shown from a 1-hour video by videographer Mary Leonard, on his course of recovery during his hospital stay, physical therapy exercises, and family life at home.
Page has spoken to many groups, including war veterans recovering from combat-related head injuries, for whom Page has been an inspiring example of a long struggle for recovery and reintegrating into life. He is inspiring for us also.