Mike Peters, our Club’s newest member, was born in Alabama where his mother was an Army Reserve Captain and his father worked for the railroad. He grew up in Lakewood, California, and attended Artesia High School. He started playing football at age 11 and hoped to become a professional football player. After college interviews at the University of Illinois and at Ole Miss, he chose the Ole Miss Rebels to avoid cold weather. (However, one of his favorite places is Alaska, where he loves to go for fishing trips, in summertime, of course.)
As a senior, Mike collided with another football player at high speed on the field and tore his knee. He watched the film of that play only once, but that was enough to end his football dreams. He got a job with Wells Fargo Bank and then with Dean Witter Financial Services who sent him to New York for training in April 2001 (a few months before the fateful 9/11 attack). He worked for Crowell Weedon until 2 years ago, when he transferred to Waddell & Reed (on Del Amo Boulevard in Torrance) as a financial advisor for insurance products.
In 2003 he joined the Signal Hill Rotary Club and became its President in 2006-7. Now he lives in Palos Verdes because of his job in Torrance. (Jackie Crowley nabbed him at a local Chamber of Commerce event and invited him to our Club.) His two sons are aged 8 and 5, and are in sports (he didn’t mention whether he wanted them to become football players). He enjoys teaching them to fish, a pastime he inherited from his father. In addition to Alaska, he enjoys going to Catalina and Mammoth. (Too bad he can’t find a job doing financial services from a fishing boat.)