Madelyn Creighton introduced our speaker, Ariane Schauer, PhD in Economics at Marymount, and Interim Co-President and Provost (pending the replacement of Dr Michael Brophy who has accepted another position elsewhere). (James R Reeves, Chief Financial Officer, is the other Co-President.)
During President Brophy’s 9 years, Marymount has expanded to a 4-year university, almost doubled enrollments (to 1100) and revenues, added campuses in San Pedro and in Lake County in Northern California, and added degree programs. There are now 4 undergraduate programs, in Business, Liberal Arts, Media Studies, and Psychology, and 3 graduate programs, in Business Administration, Leadership & Global Development, and Community Psychology. There are 5-year programs for BA-MS and BA-MBA. An undergraduate Criminal Justice program is pending approval. The student-to-instructor ratio is 18:1.
Baseball and softball programs have been added, and learning modalities have been designed in both undergraduate and graduate programs to meet future adult learning needs. A concurrent enrollment program with San Pedro High School provides opportunity to earn AP credit in courses on the University campus. There is also a unique program to help international students adapt better to student life in the US. Community outreach includes student-internship placement to provide services while developing experience in research skills. The current student body is 20% International and 40% Hispanic. The University tries to maintain better affordability than comparable schools. More information is on the University’s website at