Peter Lattey is the International Service Chair of Downtown Los Angeles (LA5) Rotary Club. He is supervising the Kuna Village Clean Water Project in Kenya, with funding by a 2020 Global Grant.
About 3,000 children die every day from diarrheal diseases caused by unsafe water. Some people need to dip their drinking and cooking water from dirty ditches. Some children, especially girls, are unable to attend school because of the amount of time they are required to carry water from distant sources to their families.
Providing clean water, sanitation & hygiene is one of Rotary's causes to build international relationships and create a better world. (Other Rotarian causes include promoting peace, fighting disease, saving mothers & children, supporting education, growing local economies, and protecting the environment.)
Peter presented an 8-minute video presentation about the water projects in Kenya. They provide water pumps, pipes, storage tanks and hand-washing facilities for schools and communities. They have completed 2 projects so far and are beginning their 4th and 5th projects. Most funds come from District 5280.
Their planned next project is rainwater collection and micropore filters for school water supplies, with fund-raising to be completed by June-July 2021. Funds are more difficult to obtain now due to the worldwide COVID pandemic. Our Club could participate in this project. The RI Water Projects website is
Video scenes: