Karla, our newest member, works in Lien Resolution Service. She was born in León, near the Pacific coast in Nicaragua, where her father was a Rotarian. She attended school there (K-12) at the Colegio Pureza de María. The Nicaraguan Civil War was going on, and she wanted to see the world. She came to the US in 1981 and attended CSU Los Angeles while working part-time. (Her son was born here in 1986.)

She works on resolving liens for denied claims in the California Worker’s Compensation System, for medical providers and interpreters. (Enforcement and collectability of judgments depends on the debtors’ assets.)

She joined the Calvary Chapel in Downey and began studying the Bible. She went on a short mission trip to Cebu in The Philippines in 2013. To promote good financial stewardship, she believes in pursuing ethical work as one’s mission field (“Preaching without words”). She was influenced by Rabbi Lappin who had been interviewed on a religious program. He promoted the virtues of character, integrity and service; cultivate these, and you will prosper.

Living by these principles, Karla believes in serving without expectation of reward, which is what led her to join Rotary. Welcome to our Club, Karla! (We have service projects waiting for you!)