Posted by Wes Bradford on Nov 12, 2019
Stephanie Sampson is Director of Communications for LAX “Landside Access Modernization Program”, for improvement of passenger access to the Los Angeles Airport. LAX had almost 90 million passengers in 2018 and is in a $14 billion capital improvement program including $5.5 billion for reducing traffic congestion and improving passenger experience and regional transportation interconnections.
There will be an elevated 2.25-mile Automated People Mover (APM) train in the center of the airport from the International Terminal eastward (see diagram), connecting by walkways to the other terminals. Then it will continue eastward to the Intermodal Transportation Facility-West (ITF-West) at W 96th Street (with short- & long-term parking), then to the Airport-Metro Connector (AMC) Station at 96th and Aviation Boulevard, and finally to the Consolidated Rent-A-Car Facility between Aviation and La Cienega Blvd. The APM system will have train maintenance and storage facilities with 24/7 staffing.
The ride duration will be 10 minutes end-to-end, with 200 passengers per train with luggage, and frequency every 2 minutes during peak hours (9 AM-11 PM). There will be no cost to passengers. This contract is a public-private partnership for design, building, finance, operation and maintenance. The airport terminals will have 6 “Vertical Cores” for connecting passengers at the different levels to ticketing, baggage claim, security and the APM trains. Construction completion is expected by the end of 2021. The Consolidated Rent-A-Car Facility will have direct connections to the APM and the 405 freeway. The Metro connections are expected by 2023, and the Crenshaw/LAX & Green Lines will connect to LAX by shuttle from Aviation and Century Blvd in 2020 until the Metro connections are complete.