Frank Zerunyan, an attorney, has been a City Councilman in Rolling Hills Estates since 2003 and has served 2 terms as Mayor. He has served on various city government committees and regional public boards, including the Medical Board of California under Governor Schwarzenegger. He is a Professor at the Sol Price School of Public Policy and Director of Executive Education at the USC Price Bedrosian Center on Governance.


Mr Zerunyan started by discussing the Armenian Eastern Orthodox Christmas tomorrow, January 6. Armenia was the first country to adopt Christianity in 301 AD, before the Roman Empire did (and has its own Armenian Quarter in the ancient city of Jerusalem). When the Romans under Emperor Constantine adopted Christianity, they placed Christmas on the winter solstice (feast day of the god Jupiter, which was December 25 in the calendar then in use) in order to co-opt the pagan celebrations. Western and Eastern celebrations of Christmas have been on these different days ever since.


Mr Zerunyan reviewed the current Rolling Hills Estates city government issues and projects, including the current extensive modifications at the Rolling Hills Country Club. There are ongoing commercial and residential permit and code variances processing. Maintenance of riding trails, storm drain improvements, and trash exclusion devices on city catch basins are especially important with the anticipated El Niño rainfall, to prevent property damage from flooding.


Ongoing projects have included an assisted living project at the Village Shopping Center, improvements on the Deep Valley Dr hillside area, expansion of the characteristic 3-rail vinyl fencing along major streets, parking and landscape maintenance, tree trimming, and horse trails. Los Angeles County Sheriff and Fire Departments provide first responders services, and well-trained volunteer civilian groups are ready to assist in an emergency or disaster. The annual June PV Street Fair & Music Festival is supported by the Palos Verdes Chamber of Commerce. Maintaining a profitable mix of commercial properties in the Silver Spur area is an ongoing challenge, but the city is fiscally sound.