Dr Lucas Lamadrid was appointed president of Marymount California University on March 29, 2016. He had previously served as an administrator at Belmont Abbey College and St Vincent College, and then worked for a private company specializing in international student recruitment. During his career, he has promoted higher student enrollment, improved academic quality and student retention, and raised funds. He graduated from Marquette University, and received a Masters degree from Notre Dame and a Doctorate in Religion at Duke University. His wife, Beth, has a PhD in 16th century history. They have 3 children.

College students’ major concern in the US today is affordability, and large classes are also a concern. MCU has small classes and maintains affordability, which requires institutional financial support. Rotary Scholarships are an example, and he proposes that we fund scholarships to MCU for the Boys and Girls Club of San Pedro.

MCU’s focus is on taking students from where they are to where they will need to be for success. Hands-on learning is important for this, as in the new Business School, where entrepreneurship and technology such as social media use are emphasized. MCU is looking for great partners such as corporations to invest in their future workforce. BMW has provided a discounted Mini for business students’ purchase so they have a sense of ownership later when they graduate. MCU wants to be friends to everyone.