(Jan 10, 2023)
Pres Victoria asked us for our ideas & preferences for speakers for our meetings, and for what types of service projects we are interested in doing. A Club Questionnaire was passed out for written ideas. (Also, notify her if you are interested in serving in a Board position.)
We received the sad news that our long-time member Larry Andrews passed away on Jan 8, 2023. Our meeting attendees signed a condolence card, and took turns relating our memories of him. He was active in the community as well as in Rotary. He served as group leader of the Tuesday Writing Group at the Peninsula Center Library, while writing several novels (starting with “A Space Oddity”, available on Amazon). Many of us also remember him as an enthusiastic supporter of the Peninsula Symphony.
President Victoria discussed humanitarian issues related to the war in Ukraine. Many people of Ukraine have fled their homes and/or have family members lost or separated. What they need most is safety, and Rotary has been working with other organizations for humanitarian needs. Clubs have been providing food, water, medical equipment, and other supplies.
Rotary is also working with Welcome.US to engage Americans in welcoming and sponsoring Ukrainian refugee newcomers to offer them a stable environment. Download the Rotary-Welcome.US flyer to learn how we can help them. Through Uniting for Ukraine, Rotary and Rotaract Clubs and members in the US can sponsor individual or family refugees who have fled the war, and help them relocate to the United States. Sign up to get connected to a Ukrainian family. District Grant funds can help with resettlement costs. For more information, email to trf.welcome@rotary.org.