President John Jaacks began the Club Assembly with introductory remarks. He urges each of us to bring a guest to Rotary this year.
Our President-Elect, Jon Caplan, said we need more projects, and more members to perform them. We need to decide which projects to focus on, including some that we have done in the past. Mark Pepys mentioned that the 15th St School in San Pedro was a successful project in the past with participation of many Rotary family members, Interactors and Rotaractors. We are planning for an international project in Africa. Marilyn Klaus reviewed Project Amigo school sponsorships in Mexico, which is continuing.
Jon Caplan wants each past and present project manager in our Club to write a description of each project, to place on our Club website to attract more publicity. The website already shows a list of our projects, but we need to present an eyeball-engaging word picture.
Linda Little, in the Filipino books business, suggested collecting and sending children’s books to the Philippines. Dave Moyers said that Jackie is working on the 15th St School project. Hands-on projects work best, rather than just check-writing and fundraising. $35-$40,000 is a typical size Rotary Global Grant which we can do with other Clubs and matching funds. Lew Bertrand mentioned our ongoing Project EGO for at-risk local high school students, and our Interact and Rotaract Clubs.
Sandy Farrell, who plans to move to Colorado soon with her husband, Jerry, to be near grandchildren, emphasized the value of our Club friendships and doing good for others. She said she will never forget her wonderful experiences here, and plans to return periodically to see us again. We will miss Sandy and Jerry.