Pres Roger Schamp reviewed the results of the Club member preference survey he conducted recently, and he thanked the members who submitted replies. These included preferences for planning offsite meetings. We will have 2 Club Assemblies this Rotary year.
Ralph Black is arranging for an offsite Beach Party for our Club at the Portuguese Bend Club on Tuesday, August 12. Please sign up for food planning.
Roger suggested several grant opportunities for this year. We may consider being the Lead Club in one of the Humanitarian Grants (we have not led one of these events in the past). He encouraged us again to consider going on the District Global Grant Humanitarian Trip to Guatemala in February, which he and his spouse, Carol, have signed up for.
Membership dues are due by the 10th of each month, billed in arrears, so we need prompt payments for adequate cash flow to pay our Club bills.
Roger suggested that our Board Members identify potential coverage backup substitutes in advance, to prepare for when they may be absent from their Board duties. He also identified several programs scheduled for our coming meetings.
Roger has many ideas for having a successful year, and encourages each of our members to participate, and to recruit more new members!