(We had 13 online attendees for our May 12 “Zoom” meeting.)
Bo Gapas is an American Heart Association-Certified CPR & First Aid Instructor who can provide on-site First Aid & CPR/AED training (Phone 808-779-8033. Having an on-site AED can enable emergency cardiac assistance for business, non-profit organizations, and home before paramedics arrive, when every second counts. He recommends the Phillips AED (~$1275), which weighs 3.3 lb with a carrying handle and mounts in a storage cabinet attached to a convenient wall.
When a cardiac arrest occurs and before paramedics arrive, CPR chest compression is always started ASAP (but breathing into the mouth is no longer done). If not successful, defibrillation should be started within 10 seconds of stopping CPR (this requires careful coordination between 2 rescuers). The victim’s upper clothing is removed or cut, and significant chest hair is shaved off at the defibrillator electrode pad placement sites (not the whole chest). (These tools are in the kit.) He demonstrated pad placement on a manikin, on the skin of the R shoulder & L lateral chest. After attaching the lead wires and pulling the green handle, the defibrillator activates and voice instructions automatically begin while the device analyzes the heart rhythm. It will say whether and when to deliver a shock (while not touching the victim to avoid shocking oneself!).
This is a self-testing defibrillator that does a performance check-up in its wall storage cabinet with daily, weekly, and monthly testing of its internal circuitry and lithium battery. A blinking green Ready light says it’s ready for use. When there is a problem, the Ready light turns off and a chirp alert sounds. Pressing a blue Information button gives a verbal prompt with details. The disposable Smart Pads have a 2-year life span, and must be replaced after every rescue attempt.