Kristina Amiridis

Audrey Dahlgren introduced the student music contestants, whom she had recruited from our 2 local high schools. The contestants were:

Ashley Hong, Peninsula High School, played the violin.

Violet Gao, Peninsula High School, singing

Cindy Shim, Peninsula High School, singing

Kristina Amiridis, Palos Verdes High School, singing

Gaylyn Walsh, Palos Verdes High School, singing (accompanied by guitarist Jesse)

Winning 1st place was Kristina Amiridis, awarded $200; she will represent our Club in the District Music Contest. Ashley Hong won 2nd place and $100. Gaylyn Walsh won 3rd place and $50. Congratulations to all of our talented hard-working contestants! Thanks to our judging committee members, and special appreciation to Audrey Dahlgren for recruiting these contestants and organizing this event!