Tori Hettinger graduated from UCLA in Art History, and studied Interior Design. At the District Office, she manages daily operations, coordinates social media and events, writes the newsletter, manages the website and financial operations, and coordinates District group travel arrangements. She is a Young Professional Rotarian, and had been in Interact, RYLA, and UCLA Rotaract. Her best Rotary Moment was on our District trip to Guatemala in February 2015, seeing children at a rural school who presented a program to the visiting Rotarians.

She attended the Rotary International Convention in Seoul, Korea, May 27-June 1, which had 50,000 attendees. Our District Gov DJ Sun helped to introduce our District visitors to Korean culture. Before the Convention, she attended the Young Leaders Summit (which included Victoria Perez with 600 Rotaractors and Young Professionals).

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon opened the convention. Among the Convention speakers were the US Ambassador and the EU Ambassador to South Korea, UCLA Robotics Professor Dr Hong, and a South Korean child whose heart defect surgery was supported by Nancy Reagan several years ago. There were Rotary Action Groups focused on AIDS Prevention. There was a 3K Walk for Peace. Tori helped with volunteers at the convention. Afterward, Tori went with a group to the DMZ, the tense border zone with North Korea (where wildlife grows relatively undisturbed). She showed photos of Korean culture and dress, scenery, a small village and Temple, and K-Pop (modern Korean popular culture and music).