Posted by Wes Bradford on Jun 20, 2017

Eddie Varón Levy was introduced by Bob Welbourn, a defense attorney who has worked with him for many years. Eddie Varón was educated at Torrance West High School, El Camino College and CSU Long Beach. He received his law degree in Mexico City. He has offices in Mexico City and in Torrance, managing international criminal & civil litigation (“Justice Knows No Borders”).

The US-Mexico border spans ~3000 miles, some of which is in the center of the Rio Grande River, making the recently-promoted concept of building a border wall there problematic. He reviewed the long history of US-Mexico relations and the many areas of mutual cultural & economic interdependence. Political controversies on the international drug trade rage on both sides of the border. There are many cross-border families and cultural relationships.

Eddie Varón’s legal services deal with unique border-related criminal issues, advocating for constitutional rights of defendants. Other areas include administrative law, personal injury claims, and corporate and business law. He has helped clients accused of crimes in Mexico and the United States, and clients facing extradition, and has arranged prisoner exchanges with these governments. He has participated in international arbitration proceedings and discovery, administrative hearings for Social Security and Workers’ Compensation, and arbitration before regulatory agencies of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). He has pursued compensation for injuries from negligence, product liability, auto accidents and wrongful death. He helps clients with business formation and setup in the US and Mexico, international business disputes and regulatory hurdles.