Chief Ronene Anda, the former commander of the Lomita Sheriff’s Station, was transferred to head the newly created Transit Policing Division of the Sheriff’s Department and promoted to Chief (two stars), to provide improved security for the LA Metro train & bus system. This new operation has special challenges different from conventional law enforcement, and works closely with the US Department of Homeland Security. She said she “had a lot to learn” on accepting this new transit policing position.

Transit policing includes improving safety and providing surveillance and security against theft, vandalism and assault. Discouraging the bypassing of turnstiles at train stations is a public education focus. An additional focus is watching for vulnerabilities to terrorism activities and being prepared at all times to respond with appropriate force and resources to an unexpected event anywhere in the system. She works closely with the Metro personnel to coordinate operations.

Chief Anda also spoke about local crime issues and being prepared to safeguard our homes and businesses, such as keeping home doors, garage doors and car doors closed and locked, and not leaving possible targets of theft in plain sight as temptations to breaking in. Technology cameras are increasingly being used to improve surveillance and identify crime getaway cars. “If you see something suspicious, say something (immediately, to appropriate law enforcement authorities).”