Posted by Wes Bradford on Sep 05, 2017

Our long-time Club member Larry Andrews describes himself as an engineer, “watchmaker”, rocket scientist, program manager, and reader, with interests in the arts, travel, people and other cultures. He published his first novel, “A Space Oddity”, but the publisher went bankrupt (Larry denies any responsibility for that), so he had to republish it himself to keep it in circulation.

Larry writes about places he’s been, in situations he is familiar with and/or can imagine. He has just published his 2nd novel, which he self-published with the help of Amazon. He had to edit and design the book himself (including front and back cover and layout), but he hired a designer for help. Amazon publishes ~1000 books/week, so social media marketing is essential for successful writing and publishing today. Writers need to read others in order to write well. He meets with a writer’s group at the Library, writing ~2000 words/week and getting feedback on each section from other writers.

His book starts with a collection of scenes, outline of characters and environment (places he has been, in this case 12 days on a Caribbean cruise ship), with mystery, murder & suspense. His characters include 2 young CIA agents (undercover as newlyweds), a NY Mafia boss with an attractive daughter and a security guard (a boyhood friend of the male CIA agent), and an attractive Italian female Interpol agent. They observe a partnership forming between the Mafia family and a Colombian drug cartel, but a competing cartel complicates the action. See website for more information,