Lew Bertrand
Name: Lewis Bertrand
Member Since: 1998 (member of six prior clubs)
Where are you from originally? If not from LA, how did you end up here?
I was born at Santa Monica Hospital.
Tell us about your occupation.
I was a banker. I worked for Security Pacific National Bank for 23 years. When I left before it was sold to Bank of America, I was managing one of their largest offices. 
Santa Monica Bank was my next destination. I managed two offices before being moved to their main office to supervise all of the branches' lending.
What do you do for fun?

I used to run and bicycle, but now I walk, bicycle, boat, and fish.

Why did you join Rotary and why have you stayed?
In college I belonged to PKT Fraternity and did all of the typical things, but we also did community projects. In 1964 our Watts house rehab project was covered by the Los Angeles Times with a front page picture on Sunday morning, above the fold. 
Eight years later, when I was promoted to 2nd Officer at the 70th and Western office, the manager told me to join Rotary and get involved in the community. The members were great and they did community projects! I was home! When I was promoted, I always joined the club where I was working. Rotarians have standing in the community and it benefitted my instant acceptance in the new community. I had new friends, customers, and projects. 
What is your favorite Rotary experience?

I was selected to be the District Governor for the Greater Los Angeles Area, District 5280.  I visited every club from Wilmington to Malibu to Calabasas to Santa Clarita to Burbank Downtown Los Angeles to Downey to Bellflower and Carson.  That was 65 clubs and 2,600 Rotarians.  I attended Rotary International Conventions in Asia, Europe and the United States and developed friendships all over the world.  I walked into a hotel in a foreign country on my birthday and was greeted with "Happy Birthday Lew" from all my Rotary friends every time I turned around.

The many projects I worked on over the years and the people helped have made a lasting impression on me with great memories!

What is your favorite book? Favorite movie?

My Favorite book - I really don't have one as I have read so many that I really liked.   But, my favorite movie is  "Sound of Music".  My favorite stage production is  "Phantom of the Opera".