Larry Andrews
Name: Larry Andrews
Member Since: 2002
Where are you from originally? If not from LA, how did you end up here?
I am originally from New Jersey. After engineering school, I spent three years in the Air Force. My last duty station was Fairchild Air Force Base in the state of Washington. Douglas aircraft was recruiting in Spokane, Washington. I took the interview and we decided to accept the job in Santa Monica, California.  The rest is history. 
Tell us about your occupation.
My career in aerospace was shaped from the early days of rocketry through the launching of communication satellites and the moon landing. A former rocket scientist and aerospace program manager, I also taught graduate courses at the University of Southern California. I headed the U.S. delegation of an ISO committee for Space Operations that met in many of the space-faring nations which triggered my thirst for foreign travel.
I am a published author with my first novel (A Space Oddity) available on Amazon and my second (The Caribbean Endeavor) being released fairly soon.  Check out my website (
Why did you join Rotary and why have you stayed?
Some 35+ years ago a new club was being chartered in Huntington Beach, California.  The Executive Vice President of McDonnell Douglas, where I was working at the time, suggested that five of us join it to represent the company and serve the community.  I later became president of the club and have totally enjoyed Rotary and all its aspects since.
What is your favorite Rotary experience?

Making up at the Rotary club in Washington DC. was an international experience. Foreign consulate Rotarian members meet at 12 noon on Wednesday in the hotel across from the US Mint. I got there early and was designated as the visiting Rotarian representative. Sitting at the head table overlooking the huge membership from all over the world and addressing them as visiting from California was pretty cool.

What is your favorite book? Favorite movie?
My favorite movies are the Star Wars and James Bond series. My favorite authors are Tom Clancy, John Grisham, and Patricia Cornwell.
What is an item on your bucket list?
Have completed most of my bucket list but still want to ski in Dubai.